2012. Where do I start? It has certainly been one hell of a year. So much has happened. I had so many wonderful opportunities, adventures, and made so many memories. It got off to a rough start, I admit. I turned 30 and though I have always looked forward to being a woman in her 30s, it is no joke when you hear that it really changes you. A lot of self reflecting, learning, growing, and changing. And though it began with tears, my 30th year has by far been my greatest yet, and I know it will end with great big smiles and laughter.

I cannot find the words  to describe 2012 for me: Amazing, fabulous, memorable, best?! Just a few. I finally got a new website and blog that I am proud to show, I shot several weddings as Dear To My Art Photography, including one in London and engagements including one in New York!! I got to be second shooter for several weddings with my wonderful friends, Matt and Dannie of Matthew James Photographers, and then shot their wedding (which will be posted early next  year)! I got beautiful business cards made, have been featured on 100 Layer Cake and on Rock N Roll Bride  which are major milestones for me!

I have traveled to San Francisco, Palm Springs, Vegas, England, and New York! I have eaten more Indian food than ever recommended I am sure. My beautiful younger sister graduated from high school and just completed her first semester away at college with straight A’s! A few friends of mine were blessed with beautiful healthy babies (congrats!!). I have gotten to see two of my best friends who both live in different parts of the country, and have made several new friends all over the world. I got to see all of my family this year- even the long distance members, and have gotten to spend more time than ever with my amazing girlfriends- Ladies, you are my rock! I will never find the words to say how much I love you! I’d be completely lost without you. I am gaining a new roommate, and can happily say he is also one of my best friends- Rex, I can honestly say my life would not be complete without you and I am very excited to come back and be roomies! And last but certainly not least, I finally found happiness and fell in love with the most amazing man- honey, I still pinch myself daily to see if you are real! You complete me.

There have been tough times, too. Some heart break, some fallouts, some losses, some weight gain (damn Indian food!) and some other trials and such, but as I mentioned before, they have all served to be wonderful learning experiences and I know I have grown so much from them.

So, while this wonderful year comes to an end (and the world doesn’t- thank goodness!!), it will not go out without a bang! I am off to my final adventure of 2012, and the first of 2013.

I leave tonight for Australia where I will live with my amazing boyfriend for several months! I cannot even tell you all how excited I am for this huge new chapter in my life. After a year like this, I can only imagine what 2013 holds in store for me. I cannot wait to welcome it in with joy and love from Sydney Harbour! I literally feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

So, 2012, here’s to you! I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me!

Cheers to New Years!

See you in Sydney

Elena - may 2013 be even grander!!! cheers! <3December 27, 2012 – 8:46 pm

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