Hi there, I’m Kierstin. I am a lifestyle & environmental portrait photographer from Los Angeles, currently living in Sydney. My approach to photography is pretty simple. Whether it’s a wedding, a fashion photo shoot, or a portrait session in someone’s home, I find people in their environments interesting & inspiring. I feed off of people’s raw emotion & energy and photographing them in their environment exactly as I see it brings me pure pleasure. I am a lover of natural light, dark shadows, and interesting settings. I have always been a fan of good old fashioned stoic poses and though I shoot in a candid and documentary fashion, I aim to insert a good amount of artistic creativity into every shoot I do.

I see beauty in imperfection and therefore am not your girl if you’re looking for airbrushed, photoshopped pictures. I think your freckles are fabulous and I love your smile lines. Each one of them tells a story and that’s what I want to shoot & share.

Outside of photography, I love my two dogs, Charlie and Foofy more than words could possibly describe. I have the world’s most wonderful fiancé and he has one spicy ginger beard! I am a major foodie and I drink more Coca-Cola than I should. I am a hardcore chick flicker and an avid crocheter. I know every line to Wayne’s World and I incorporate quotes from Bridesmaids into every day speech. I will never tire of I Love Lucy and I wish I were friends with every character in Parks & Recreation. Silence makes me uncomfortable, I wish I could wear my pajamas all day every day, I enjoy interpretive dance, and I love anything that sparkles!

For pricing information, please use the contact area or drop an email to hello@deartomyart.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

F a c e b o o k